Harvest Hosts · Not Your Typical Camping Sites

As noted on their website, Harvest Hosts is a “network of wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, and attractions that invite RVers to stay” overnight with over 1,000 locations throughout North America. Though Harvest Hosts is not free (careful if someone tells you that it is), you get access to its amazing platform with a very cheap annual membership fee. That’s part one of the cost. The other part of the deal (to stay with hosts) is that you make a purchase at each location you camp overnight at. Things like food, souvenirs, entrance fees, etc. It’s a great deal as the cost of the membership (when compared to a nightly rate at even a cheap campground) will pay for itself after a few stays. And other than the amazing places you will stay, it is a great way to support small local businesses!

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