Harvest Hosts · Not Your Typical Camping Sites

As noted on their website, Harvest Hosts is a “network of wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, and attractions that invite RVers to stay” overnight with over 1,000 locations throughout North America. Though Harvest Hosts is not free (careful if someone tells you that it is), you get access to its amazing platform with a very cheap annual membership fee. That’s part one of the cost. The other part of the deal (to stay with hosts) is that you make a purchase at each location you camp overnight at. Things like food, souvenirs, entrance fees, etc. It’s a great deal as the cost of the membership (when compared to a nightly rate at even a cheap campground) will pay for itself after a few stays. And other than the amazing places you will stay, it is a great way to support small local businesses!

The Art Of Moochdocking – Staying With Friends The Right Way

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Through living on the road, our pool of “who you know” has grown in ways I never anticipated for my life. One thing that we have learned to love about traveling, in a way that’s different from a normal vacation, is the people we meet along the way or reconnect with – and we find there is no better way to do this than to moochdock.

Holidays Will Never Be The Same Again – 2019 Edition

There is a sense of comfort that comes with the holidays. The same traditions each year can create meaningful memories. Eating the same turkey meal at Thanksgiving has nothing do with historical accuracy but somewhere along the lines it was decided what the typical Thanksgiving meal would consist of. There is a degree of comfort to know that on one day a year many people around the country are celebrating in a similar way, hopefully blessed by being surrounded by the ones they love.

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