‘The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse’ · Book Review

‘The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse’ by Loretta Sponsler is a great book for any audience, especially if you are a fan of the original Aesop fable. It re-tells the story based on the Aesop fable ‘The City Mouse and the Country Mouse’ where Thomas Tent-Mouse and Harvey RV-Mouse both like camping, but in different ways and that’s okay.

Take Your Kids Traveling! Part 2: Parent Benefits

This is part two of my previous post about why you should take your kids traveling with you. The first part focused on the benefit to the children. In this part, I attempt to share some of the benefits that we have had as parents by having our kids with us for our travels. It’s far from exhaustive on the topic, and in reality, I have written pages and pages that I cut out of the final version to keep it post length and not book length.

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