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If you are looking to advertise, provide sponsored posts, or guest post on Ditching Suburbia please read the following guidelines before contacting us:


We don’t accept traditional banner ads. Or sidebar ads. Or pop-up ads. Or ads that lurk in the middle of content hoping to not look like an ad. If you have an idea for an ad not listed here, we don’t do that either.

We don’t do “shout-outs” or take requests to share content you’ve created with our audience. If you need help getting traffic to that content through SEO or Content Marketing, please contact us though our Content Studio business instead.

Podcast Sponsors

We do accept sponsors for the DitchingSuburbia podcast. The sponsorship covers editing costs for longer episodes. We mention sponsors:

  • At the beginning of the podcast episode
  • At the end of the podcast episode
  • On the episode-specific podcast page here on

Potential sponsors should have products or services related to aspects of the ditched lifestyle (RVing, Boating, Global Travel, etc).

The cost is currently $250 for 5 episodes.

Sponsored Blog Posts

We will consider sponsored posts – where we review a product or service you provide. Our general guidelines (subject to change) are:

  • The product or service in question must be directly relevant to families traveling fulltime by RV, boat, or commercial air travel.
  • The product or service must promote a healthy aspect of the traveling lifestyle.
  • You need to provide us first-hand experience with the product or service.
  • We will write the post so it matches the style and tone of the rest of
  • Our post will be an honest appraisal of our experience with your product or service. We don’t guarantee it will be positive.
  • Our rate will vary depending on the subject matter and the potential profit our audience represents (i.e. if you are selling a $10K product we’re not going to write about it for $100).
  • Having a sponsored post published on provides ongoing value as people come across the content and learn about your product. We charge a monthly content maintenance fee to continue to provide that value.

Guest Posts

We welcome guest posts on, with the following guidelines:

  • We love articles that support an aspect of Our DitchingSuburbia Manifesto.
  • You must have first-hand experience with either planning to ditch or ditching.
  • We have no restrictions on outbound links to other posts on your blog, etc.
  • Any affiliate links featured in the content will be ours.
  • We are not interested in general interest RV, boat, outdoor, or travel-related articles.
  • If you found us by searching for sites that rank highly on Google for particular keywords, we’re not interested.
  • If we perceive your intent to be mainly commercial (driving traffic to a monetized site, etc) we’re not interested.

Still Hanging?

If you’ve read the above and still want to contribute, get in touch!

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